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  • Rolando Roman M.Ed., Founder & Head Ambassador: Husband, Father, Former Collegiate Wrestler now Races Cyclocross and enjoys Running. Loves to travel and spend time with his daughter, Stella, son, Sebastian and wife, Melinda.
  • Matt Gandy, Program Ambassador: Husband to Kristy, Father Evie and John Auden, and Teacher to a bunch of 2nd Graders. Loves Family time, Cyclocross, Gardening and Spending time Outside.
  • Dylan Baas, Program Ambassador: Resident at a prosthetic and orthotic clinic in Jackson. Dylan enjoys road and cyclocross riding, spending time with his dog, and taking part in the well being of the community. 
  • Dale Anglin, Program Ambassador: Avid cyclist for 30 years, enjoys road cycling, mountain biking, and bicycle touring.  Retired for four years, loves gardening, birdwatching, camping, and passing on the cycling experience to grandchildren. 
  • Sarah Lea Anglin, Program Ambassador:Avid cyclist for 5 years (with husband Dale), enjoys road cycling, mountain biking, and bicycle touring. Biology professor by day, loves pretty much anything outdoors.  Grandparent to four budding cyclists.  She and Dale spend vacations cycling across various states and hope to pass the love of cycling to the next generation.
  • Vicky Correa, Program Ambassador: Born and raised in Argentina but came to the US with a golf scholarship to attend school at USM.  My love for sports is my reason to participate in this event. I love road biking, golfing, running, and any sport that time allows me to do.
  • Khaled Amra, Program Ambassador: Brazilian guy far from home who loves cycling and being outside!
  • Michelle Forman, Program Ambassador: Mother of son Jackson, MS native, USM graduate, former gymnast and gymnastic coach who enjoys all sports and being with children.  I joined Cyclocross because I love spending time with my son and this gives us an opportunity to exercise together. We are also meeting lots of new friends!

Be an Ambassador for the Mississippi Cyclocross Project. Learn more at, www.mscxproject.org/volunteer.

Mississippi Cyclocross Project is a youth cycling outreach program that collaborates with communities, parents, and other stakeholders to transform and empower youth between ages of 4-15. By providing free clinics and training sessions around September-December we foster the next generation of cyclists we can help develop principles and values; good sportsmanship, attitude and teamwork among participants.

Whether the participant is a first time cyclist/racer, we will provide an opportunity to teach the skills to help to the next level and grow the sport in Mississippi. Those who have no ambitions of racing, but are looking for a fun social cycling group to be a part of are encouraged to join our growing cyclocross community, too! Our Team Ambassadors will teach participants everything they will need to know about cyclocross. The participant will learn how to register for races, what to expect at various race venues, racing skills and technique, equipment suggestions, and other training tips.

Our Team Ambassadors has the experience and will help you learn everything you need to know in a non-intimidating environment!

The mission of the Mississippi Cyclocross Project is to:

  • Grow the sport of cycling by developing the next generation of serious cyclists.
  • Support Youth and Junior cyclists with a focus on principles and values; good sportsmanship, attitude and teamwork.
  • Promote a lifestyle of fitness and exercise to build a healthy environment for families.

Register in our club at http://ridebiker.com/invite/partner/MSCXProject

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