Mississippi Cyclocross Project: Week 1 starts this Saturday, 9/23 and more details.


Hello. We are excited to kickoff our program this Saturday, September 23rd at Freedom Ridge Park. We want to thank all the parents and kiddos who joined us during the three orientation we hosted at our bike shop partners. We have 54 kids registered! If you missed attending our parent orientation, no worries, you can still sign up at http://mscxproject.org/register/.  If you are a Facebook user, please like our program page at, www.facebook.com/mscxproject.

See you all Saturday!

Important Notes:

  • Program Start Date: Saturday, September 23rd from 10-11am and will meet for 8 consecutive Saturdays until November 11th.
  • Where: Training sessions will be facilitated at Freedom Ridge Park, 235 West School Street, Ridgeland, Mississippi.
  • Registration: All participants must register and complete the program waiver. If you have not registered your child, please do so at our registration page at http://mscxproject.org/register/.  You will be added to our distribution list.
  • Program Celebration/Graduation:  We will celebrate the culmination of our program with a Cyclocross race. This will be an opportunity for the participants to showcase the newly learned skills. The celebration, Ridgeland Cyclocross Festival, will take place on Saturday, November 18th, at Freedom Ridge Park. You can register your kiddos and if you would like, you can also participate as we will have adult categories.  The registration and event details are available at www.RidgelandCyclocrossFestival.com. If you are interested in being part of our Ridgeland Cyclocross Festival planning committee, please reach Coach Rolando at rolando@mscxproject.org.
  • Bike Shop Partner Discounts. Present the program coupon at any of our partner bike shops; The Bike Crossing, Indian Cycle, Bicycle Revolution and The Bike Rack. Your kiddos will receive 10% off your purchase, and an additional 10% will be donated to the Mississippi Cyclocross Project! Please shop locally and support our brick & mortar shops! Access coupon at http://mscxproject.org/partner-benefits/.
  • Mississippi Cyclocross Project cycling kits (gear): We have designed a cool jersey for our program in partnership with RideBike Alliance. This is not required, however if you wish to purchase them, please visit the club store via our partner RideBiker Alliance, where you can register and shop our on-line store. Please allow 3-5 weeks for the gear to be produced and shipped to you.

Mississippi Cyclocross Project Guidelines/Requirements:

  • Complete the 2017 Mississippi Cyclocross Project Registration and Waiver.
  • Open to kids starting at 4-15 years of age. Must be able to ride a bike without training wheels. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.
  • Parent or Guardian must be present during the clinic or training session.
  • Bicycling helmets and closed-toe shoes are required (no flip-flops) Sorry, No helmet, No riding!
  • A Balance, BMX, Mountain, or Cyclocross bicycle is required (not provided).
  • Clipless pedaling can be advanced for kids. Tennis shoes work great, we will teach kids to tuck in those laces!
  • Participants should wear comfortable athletic clothing while considering current weather conditions. Cycling-specific jerseys and/or shorts are not essential; however, they are both comfortable, functional, and fashionable!

Healthy Regards,

Mississippi Cyclocross Project Ambassadors 

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